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Personalized & Precision Healthcare. Integrative & Functional Medicine. Innovative & Holistic Therapies. Unique Patient Experience.

The mission of Waters Anchor is to bring the future of healthcare to our clients today. This is accomplished through the use of advanced diagnostics and innovative and holistic therapies under the guidance of top global professionals who are leaders in their respective fields. We are comprised of a network of local and international physicians and subject matter experts who understand the foundational principle that each person is fearfully and wonderfully made. We believe that we are all uniquely designed and that the one-size-fits-all, reactive model of healthcare often falls short in delivering true optimal health.

We specialize in cutting-edge Health & Wellness, Preventative & Integrative Medicine, Chronic and Acute Pain Management, Physical Therapy and Sports Performance. Each patient experience begins with a thorough examination, advanced diagnostics and a conversation about where you are in your healthcare journey and where you want to go. By starting at the genetic and molecular level, and with key data points in hand, we are then able to develop a custom protocol and treatment plan that is unique to you. Based upon your specific needs, we have available our global network if your case requires a coordinated referral where we take care of all logistics, medical records, travel issues, and more to ensure a hassle-free, true concierge healthcare experience.

Collaboration with our partners not only ensures a second and third opinion when needed, but also that only the most advanced and effective solutions are utilized. Our highly valued patients have access to the treatments they desire while relaxing and experiencing restoration in one of the most beautiful, friendly and serene destinations in the world, St. Kitts & Nevis.

We believe that many of today’s diseases and ailments can be avoided through preventative medicine and can be treated before they become serious problems. Waters Anchor intends to lead the way in private, personalized and compassionate care ensuring our patients receive the highest level of service with the best possible outcomes. Come visit us today and experience the future of healthcare.

Medical Innovation

Innovation in Medicine is the core of Waters Anchor, representing our Vision for the future of healthcare

Quality Outcomes

We provide services based on recognized international best practices and evidence-based standards of care.

Compassionate Care

With empathy and a desire to serve, we take time to understand the needs of our individual clients.

US Board-Certified Doctors

Our clinical team is comprised of U.S. Board Certified Physicians and International Experts, as well as medical leaders in the Caribbean Region.


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Waters Anchor Center for Health & Wellness is located on the island of St. Kitts, in Frigate Bay, inside the Royal St. Kitts Hotel. Waters Anchor Center for Health & Wellness represents the first fully integrated outpatient medical facility with medical, laboratory and diagnostic services inside a resort property in the Caribbean. Please visit our Destination Information page for more information on St. Kitts & Nevis.

Waters Anchor is the collective effort between healthcare industry leaders, top international experts and physicians to bring about much needed change in the delivery of innovative and responsible care to clients from around the world. Waters Anchor was conceived by Caribbean Healthcare Partners, Ltd., a private healthcare services and real estate development firm headquartered in St. Kitts.

Of course! Our approach to healthcare is focused on appreciating that we are all uniquely different, and that no client is the same. Through advanced diagnostics and testing, we strive to identify the underlying issues, not just treat the symptoms.

We pride ourselves on delivering care that is compliant with the highest international healthcare and medical travel standards.

From your first inquiry, you will be connected with one of our Concierge Coordinators — an expert on Waters Anchor who will match you with the most appropriate clinical team, discuss relevant services for your medical needs, as well as any preferences you may have. They will facilitate communication in your preferred language, and with your primary care physician, and assist you with all details in preparation of your visit. Upon arrival in St. Kitts, you will be greeted by your concierge and clinical team. They will help you understand what to expect and how to get the most out of your experience, and how you can access a range of services, including accommodations, specialty stores, dietary items, restaurants, shops, outdoor charter services, banks, real estate services and more. Our primary goal is to blend your needs and cultural expectations seamlessly into a tailored experience that makes Waters Anchor in St. Kitts feel as close to home as possible… or even better.

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