Paying For Services


Regardless of how or when we first meet our patients, all patients are important to Waters Anchor. The Waters Anchor Center for Health & Wellness was created along with our future facilities to provide complimentary services to the existing Caribbean medical community. We have worked for over five years to bring clinical leaders together in the areas of Health & Wellness, International Pain Management, Rehabilitation &Sports Medicine, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. All of our clinical programs are based off of an individuals care plan.

We respect the individual rights of each of our patients and are committed to financial transparency and information privacy. The Waters Anchor Center for Health & Wellness follow international healthcare standards and are actively working towards achieving accreditation with Joint Commission International.

Each Waters Anchor patient will be provided with information that enable the patient to make decisions that are a result of being informed, knowing their rights are our first priority and their individual needs will always be considered as we plan for their appointment.

Waters Anchor Center for Health & Wellness has a fully integrated digital health record that is HIPAA compliant, allows all information security standards to be met on a consistent basis, allows for patients to always have access to their health record and for Waters Anchor providers to coordinate care in a efficient and timely manner.


Waters Anchor is committed to informing patients on all aspects of their care, including any financial procedures. We reserve the right to adjust any fees at any time and our patients will be informed of such when such needs arises.


Payment Requirements & Patient Schedules

Patients will be given either in person or email, patients will be informed of fees prior to the point of service delivery. At times, any unpaid costs may result in a service being delayed. Waters Anchor BFC reserves the right to cancel appointments or refuse treatment at short notice if fees are not paid before that appointment or according to the arrange

Payment Options

Waters Anchor accepts the following methods of payment

-cash (USD or ECD), check, credit and debit cards, (excluding American Express), bank drafts.

-cash (USD or ECD), bank draft, credit cards, (excluding American Express), wire transfer.
No personal checks accepted .

At Waters Anchor Center for Health & Wellness, we do not offer finance or loan facilities to fund services.

Cancellation Policy

Waters Anchor maintains a strict cancellation policy which is that all schedule services must have 24 hours notice cancellation prior or patients are subject to 75% patient of intended or scheduled services.

Additional Questions?

Should you have any questions with regards finances please contact the financial department at or call +1 869.465.2959. during normal business hours.