Your Digital Health Record

Waters Anchor has partnered with myHelo to provide a single point of access for information and ongoing access to medical records for our patients. myHelo is a secure, single, digital health record that also provides Waters Anchor operational leaders a fully-integrated platform for all clinical services on a daily basis.

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Do We Offer Telehealth?

Yes. We Care for Our Patients. Simply, securely, virtually

We have incorporated Telehealth into our services by simply using myHelo. Telehealth through myHelo is safe, simple, and personal. myhELO covers everything – video chat, messages, and more. For our services, we provide accessible care to your patients, no matter what.

myHelo, our integrated Digital Health Record, is easy and quick to start using. Let us know you’re interested, and we’ll help you get started immediately.

Learn more about Waters Anchor Telehealth & our Medical Second Opinion Network.