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Membership Packages

The Waters Anchor + is a membership-based program that offers private health advisory services for discerning client no matter where they are in the world. By understanding each clients needs, medical history, preferences and lifestyle, we can conduct an immediate live consultation through out telemedicine platform, diagnose, prescribe prescriptions, or refer clients to a certified and vetted medical specialist anywhere in the world. With Waters Anchor + you are ensured access to the the best available healthcare regardless of your location.

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Companion Memberships are designed for the client that desires a private health advisory consultant to manage their health information and ensure the right coverage for their health needs are in place at all times. Additionally, Companion Memberships experience a discount on all Waters Anchor services.

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Wellness Memberships are designed for the client that maintains an active lifestyle and desires a high-touch individualized, proactive approach to his or her health & wellness priorities in life. Regardless of movement around the globe, our Wellness Members are always able to reach their support team. The Wellness Membership also includes everything in the Companion Membership program.

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Additional Membership Levels will exist in the future as our services and team expand.